From the farthest point of Penchâteau until the Baie du Scall, the big coast invites to get to know a natural and protected space where you will discover its bays, its grottos and its wild coves.


A pathway, called the « sentier des douaniers » (pathway of the customs), edges the cliffs is accessible for walkers (alone or with their family) and offers the possibility of a walk in the heart of a magnificent coastal landscape which changes according to the rhythm of the tide. At ebb tide the ones who are looking for originality can walk on the misty beach along the escarpments.

Let the sensation of liberty take hold of you and take the time to explore one of the twenty-three granite grottos that run alongside the coast and are oddly sculptured by the sprays.

To vary the pleasures, the rocky coast of Le Pouliguen can also be explored by bike.
You might for example, soak up the iodised air strolling along the seafront of the Great Coast. Starting at the Overhang of Penchâteau (la Pointe de Penchâteau) towards the Bay of the Scall (la Baie du Scall) at the entrance of Batz-sur-Mer, the cycle track which is a purpose-built path designated to the non-motorized locomotion on 2,5 km will delight you and enable you to appreciate the panoramic vue on the estuary of the Loire.This walk will definately without any doubt be a pleasure for the children and the adults!!
Another itinerary is given to you by taking one of the Vélocéan circuits of the Peninsula of Guérande. These are easily to find thanks to their specific descriptive and signposting. From Le Pouliguen, the Vélocéan itinerary enables you to continue your biking journey either to Batz sur Mer or to La Baule.


The amateurs of picturesque can circulate, in low tide, bywalking along the steep slopes, on the wet strike.
Twenty three caves shaped by the erosion follow the coast, some are famous:

– The grotto of the binoculars

At the beginning of the « baie du Sphinx », you can explore the « Grotte des Jumelles » (the Grotto of the Binoculars), which numbers among the most curious and most picturesque and is therefore very interesting to discover. Two passages in form of corridors constitute its access and explain its appellation « Grotto of the Binoculars ». Another characteristic is the cathedral which is located between the binocular-openings. In the entry of the grotto you will see that the top part of the rock shows a mix of pink and pale green of the most pleasing impression. In the inside the inner walls are stippled of red streaks.

– Korrigans grotto

The most popular of the grottos remains the « Korrigans ». Since a sidelong slit had been opened, this grotto is reachable by its staircase. Before the security passage had been pierced, some famous characters on holiday almost got locked in during a picnic. They had forgotten that the tide was coming up.
According to the legend, this grotto was attended by the « korrigans », little, vivacious, black beings that had mysterious occupations at nighttimes. Sometimes they would sit around the homes of the people in the neighbourhood and would do favours or they maliciously took revenge for the tricks the people played with them. The magical wall of the grotto opened with a speech and showed stunning treasures. The legend says that in the depths of the grotto a underground shaft leading to Guérande was used by the « Korrigans” to get rid of the people that had been reckless enough to dare penetrating their territory.

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